Annual Clean-Up

Single Family household properties that have had garbage service for 6 or more consecutive months are entitled to dispose of one and one-half cubic yards of garbage as well as one and one-half cubic yards of green waste each calendar year at no charge. One and one-half cubic yards is equivalent to twelve 30-gallon garbage bags. A copy of the guidelines for the annual cleanups is available by clicking the link below. Once you have reviewed these guidelines, call us at 510-237-4321 to order your free cleanup. Clean-ups will be scheduled on your regular garbage pick-up day. Please note that large, bulky or heavy items weighing more than 30 lbs do not qualify for the clean-up.

East Bay Sanitary is happy to hear from you regarding any special hauling of items that do not qualify to be taken for free. Please call our office for more information.

PDF Icon smallAnnual Clean Up Guide